Step By Step Treks & Adventure has highly recommended in Kathmandu day tour for who  have keen to visit  its Iconic cultural world heritage site within a short time. This is a guided cultural day  tour where our experience guide takes you around the UNESCO world heritage site. Here you can explore the local crafts, arts, culture, monuments, and century old architecture all in the same day tour.Kathmandu is a capital of Nepal. And it is massive bustling Bazzar with a great number of Hindu Temples, Buddhist Stupas and Monastery. However, it is also often introduce as an Open museum of medieval and architecture.

Our Kathmandu day tour provides you to visit all cultural, spiritual with following details of World heritage site.


Accordingly ancient history-it is believed that the origin Stupa has been existence over 2000 years ago.but the present Stupa built after 14th century. Swaymbhunath is the legend symbol of the Buddhist that Nepali society it kept code of conduct “The shrine existing by itself”. it is often called by another popular name “The Monkey Temple”. Because  there are a lots of monkeys scampering around the places.

Other benefit from Monkey temple , you will enjoy the panoramic views of  Kathmandu valley which is simply but breathtaking. Legend says –There have a another Name for present kathmandu Called Kathmandu means “Embay”.once upon a time, there was a Huge Pond(Lake) and there was a lot of lotus flower and  Many ducklings with a white glow in the middle of lake.In the Buddhist ancient script said: Manjushree(Buddhisattwa) Came form China and she drained out the water by cut off Chovar hill(Still we can see this hill in east side of Kathmandu). After all the water drained out –then human being started to living in present Kathmandu valley.beside of this, while water drained out -the lotus flower came to rest and stayed where the Stupa's has exist now. but the Hindu script said-the Lake was drained out by Lord Krishna.

Basantapur Durbar Squaer(By westerner known is Durbar Square: 

Durbar(Locally it said-The Royal place).This Popular Durbar squaer lies in the heart of city.There have also another Local name it called(Hanuman Dhoka) which means King of the Monkey or god(Hanuman).At the Main entrance to the palace we can see the status of the Monkey God clad in a red paint.Durbar squaer is a World heritage site and history behind the complex structure goes back to the 9/10th  century by the King  Gunakama Dev, who was a true devotee of Kali(The goddess of divine power).the area consists of a lavish royal palace and around it are lots of temples dedicated by different Hindu god and goddess. The royal palace has been ruled until 19th century but now the palace is exhibition as a museum for visitors and of course,it is also coronation place for the kings of Nepal. The other special attractions of the Square are the Living Goddess – The Kumari, a young girl who acknowledges the greetings of visitors from her wooden architecture balcony window and the shrine is believed to be built from just a single tree named Kastamandap – (the origin of the name – Kathmandu.) The surrounding area has temples dating from the 15th century to the 18th. Unfortunate some of part  we can see restoration taking place as the April 2015 earth has badly damage this site – still totally safe to visit to witness the old palace in Kathmandu valley tour.

Pashupatinath Temple:

Pasupatinath means  ‘The Lord of all Creatures and the greater God of Gods. It is a World Heritage Site and lies to the eastern side of Kathmandu on the banks of the holy River Bagmati. It is believed the origin temple has existing on the 3rd /4th century. but the present temple was built in 16th century. It is one of most popular temple for those who are Hinduism religion. in fact, Shiva Shrines and all followers of Hinduism must visit the temple at least once in their lifetime.

There have a Event that Called Mahasivarati festival. during the event, the temple is full of pilgrims worshiping the Shiva Linga(a image of stone which is mean-Shiva penis) for their long live with good life.Non-Hindus are not allowed to enter inside of temple.but still can view the temple structure with Giant Golden oxen from the Temple gate.

The platforms along the Bagmati holy river are popular for ritual baths and cremating the bodies of Hindus who have died. It is an honor for Hindus to be cremated here as it is believed that it ensures the soul rests in peace and is kept safely away from the rebirth cycle.

Boudhanath Stupa:

It is a mean of Name ‘The Lord of Wisdom’ and probably it is the biggest Stupa in Asian subcontinent. It is believed that all followers of Buddhism must visit it once in their lifetime. According to ancient history-it believed that Stupa have been built in the 5th century. Also other name it called Dew Stupa because it had twelve years drought. In that period, the king had built Stupa for hoping that this would help to restore the rainy water and he did so with the help of the dew drops for the season.

Once upon a time-Nepal used to be the transit point for Tibet and India. There was trade with Tibet from ancient times. Those who traveling to Tibet or trading, they stop and give their greetings to the stupa and ask for the blessing of a safe journey. Baudhantah Temple  is often called a mini Tibet as many Tibetans lives around the stupa and it reflects the Tibetan form of Buddhism. There are many of monasteries around Bouddhanath that kept as centre of learning and practicing Buddhism. While visit there, we should go around the stupa in clockwise direction spinning the prayer wheels as it brings more happiness, infinite merits and good luck. A heritage site – Unfortunate some of part  we can see restoration taking place as the April 2015 earth quake has badly damage this site – still totally safe to visit to witness to the Asian Biggest Dew Stupa for your Day tour in Kathmandu.

  • 8.00 am Pick up from Hotel 
  • 4/5 Pm Return at Hotel
This tour Itinerary is considered in such a way that we can modify our schedule as per your requirements in order to make your trip as pleasant as possible and the itinerary in details will provides, once the trip has been confirmed book

Step By Step company would not be able to include the cost of the Day tours on website. Sometimes our clients would be confused about the cost of the Tours. To provide service in a reasonable cost and attempt to satisfy you, we would like to provide some information which directly affects the cost and help us to breakdown the cost. Below is the variable factors that would affect the cost in our website and package:

  • Vary with the size of group
  • Accommodation if you required book from us
  • Mutual agreement with both parties before trip
  • Adjustment if activities are cancelled by request


  • Can be modifying with the time and requirement of you
  • Charges would be confirmed by you
  • Activities could be added in or cancel out by your choice
  • Assistance at the International airport by Step By Step Treks & Adventures representative on departure as per required by you
  • An Expert tour leader with Fluent English Speaking
  • All Ground  Transportation service by private Car/Vehicle while sightseeing
  • All Entry fee included
  • Lunch,Dinner and Breakfast in Kathmandu while sightseeing  (costs roughly USD 15 to 20 per person per day)
  • Airport transfer if requirement  
  •  Tips for Tour Leader/ and Driver   
Please if needed any amendment on the above mentioned section or to know most update & latest pricing . Please Contact Us
Trip Facts
  • Destination : Nepal Kathmandu
  • Trip Grade : Leisure plus
  • Best Time :  Four season
  • Activities : Cultural & Heritage Tour
  • Trip Mode: Guided Tor
  • Total Duration: 4/5 Hour
  • Group Size:  02- 50
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